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March 02, 2010


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"this also meant the enhancement of the players’ uniforms with mud and grass markings, as well as bloodstains to help the make-up work more look even more believable."
cool guys!


The pictures have gritty and realistic look .I learn t a very useful information about visual effects.Thanks for this valuable information.I will share this with my photo graph y friends.


Well, I think, In addition to handling footage with many artifacts due to camera motion and the players’ dynamic performance motions, Woloshyn was also impressed on how well mocha performed with close-ups and subtlety.

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“mocha was able to quickly and accurately track large patches of screen area with sometimes little or no detail. During our initial tests with both Martyn and John, we found it worked very well in dealing with motion blur and perspective shifts from faces and bodies turning. With the ability to run concurrent multiple tracks on the same shot, I was extremely happy at how quickly we could start in on each scene and get shots up for review.”

Martyn, John, Good guys you are! Well done

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